Wouter van Kelle (1992) challenges the definition of what painting  entails in his two- and three dimensional colour compositions.  He always starts off by exploring the basic qualities of the materials used, fascinated by how different colours and different materials react to one another, finding new possibilities in which he can shape his installations. Wouter keeps exploring and experimenting until colour, shape and composition are in balance, in which they convey a feeling of serenity.

Photo by: LindaHastrich.com

Wouter van Kelle (1992) graduated in 2016 from the Willem de Kooningacademy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands majoring in Fine Arts & Design in Education.  Having done his exchange (2015) in Fine Art at the UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia, Wouter went on to build his career as a visual artist focussing on creating paintings and spatial objects. 

Over the years his work has developed as a result of extensive research done into the different qualities of the materials he uses. Fascinated by how certain paints react to different surfaces and by how to work them to do what he wants them to do. Often pushing the boundaries of what the materials can do and stumbling upon surprising results. In addition to this research Wouter develops a process of actions. He repeats movements by trial and error until the desired results are achieved, while thoroughly keeping track of what he does in several notebooks. Throughout the process Wouter always seeks to find a balance in colour, shape and composition.



EXHIBIT OCULUS (2019-2020)
De Kroon
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen Festival
BlueCity Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Elevated Reliefs
Ottawa School of Art
Ottawa, Canada

Foundation Mesh, Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

FORM X RAAF – The Discovery
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Karmijn 1

Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Roro Museum
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Winterwolven V ‘Shelters’
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Graduation Event
Rotterdam, The Netherlands